Beginnings – Original Art and Fine Art Prints

A horizontal, rectangular surreal oil painting of a view of the sea from underwater. The top third of the painting consists of dark and light blue bands of the waves as seen from underneath. Below the waves is a vivid turquoise layer of water which shades down to the bottom of the painting from vibrant ultramarine blue to deepest indigo blue. Floating underwater is a bean shaped germinating seed, with mid and dark green leaves above and a thick tap root with tiny hairs below, while the main oval of the seed carries a sleeping new born child.

Oil on canvas   75 cm x 60 cm   US $ 900 (NZ $ 1500)

When something begins inside us, who knows where it will go?

When we have an idea, a dream, a love, a hope, a plan; when something springs up from our inner depths, who knows what it will lead to? What might it become? What might it grow into?

Like a seed carried in the sea, to be washed up nearby, or far off, putting down roots in a new place. Growing into something amazing.

The sea can be a symbol of the depths of our unconscious, and the newborn child can symbolize our soul, and all its wonderful potential.

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Dolphin Deeps – Original Art and Fine Art Prints

Dolphin Deeps – Original Art and Fine Art Prints

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Little Blue – Original Art and Fine Art Prints

Little Blue – Original Art and Fine Art Prints

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