Seal Haul

A surreal oil on canvas painting of white and pale lilac table top, on which is a drinking glass into which a stream of water is pouring behind a Harp seal / Greenland seal / Saddleback seal which is lying on two ice cubes floating in water. Behind the glass are varying width stripes of pale purple and white. In front of the glass on the left, are two red cherries joined at the top of their stems. On the right side there are four white and lilac ice cubes.

Oil on canvas

75 cm x 60 cm

US $ 900 (NZ $ 1500)

10 % of the proceeds will be donated to WWF.

These are Greenland (or Harp) seals, and appropriately for this series, their Latin name means ‘Ice lover from Greenland.’

They are gorgeously sleek, and the one swimming in the glass is quizzically checking us out. Seals are delightful to look at, both in the water, with their effortless grace, and out of the water, with their melting, dark eyes. 

 The vibrant cherries stand out against the muted purples. Fresh cherries – so good, and in New Zealand, we eat them at Christmas, which falls during our summer.


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