Art Studio and Life #1 featuring artworks and painting

Hello lovely friends

I have decided to write to you all in a bit more depth about my artist life for those who may be interested. The prompt for this came from our younger son Jack, who commented recently that he gets fed up talking about his day if the rest of us are quiet about ours and just ‘sit staring silently at him like a bunch of cats’ and he doesn’t know what we think or feel.

My natural tendency is to listen intently to other people, and then only give headlines about my own day/life when asked. My peaceful outer life supports a very busy and interesting thought life (at least, I find it interesting). I think deeply about what I paint, but often remain silent about it. Or when I am asked directly, I stammer and stutter like a schoolboy on a first date. In the interests of not appearing as mute as a cat (although I certainly wouldn’t mind looking as appealing as a cat), I have put down my brush and am utilising my two-finger typing skills.

So, if you would like a taste of artist life, I will try to write a regular weekly studio blog (or fortnightly if I get distracted), with photos showing what I have been up to.

WARNING – this may include images of me clasping my head in my hands – we are going for reality here, not the filtered/photoshopped version of my artistic endeavours. I will try to confess when I have been engaging in PAB (Painting Avoidance Behaviour), but you will know anyway because the work in progress will be skimpy. Knowing that you will be looking over my shoulder will hopefully spur me on.

SECOND WARNING – this letter will probably include jokes that I just can’t resist sharing.

THIRD WARNING – I will write about life in New Zealand, and life in Africa, possibly in an offensive way? I won’t actually be trying to offend you, but you never know what might push people’s buttons. Disrespecting their coffee might do it (I will be writing about coffee).

FOURTH WARNING – I may ask you to go and look at my new website once it is up and running, and provide your opinion about print ordering options. Those of you who wanted greeting cards are giving me more grey hairs, but I’m working on it. All those on my email blog list will get discounts on prints once I get that service actually running, as well as first dibs on new art.

FIFTH WARNING – I will write about psychology and spirituality along the way. I find life challenging and am always thinking and reading about better ways of navigating through it.

SIXTH WARNING – there will be typos because I am dyslexic. And I can generally think of 3 or 4 different, and more interesting, ways of spelling than the dictionary recommends. The BFG is my role model.

If you     a) don’t like art

b) don’t like artists

c) don’t like writers

d) don’t like psychologists

e) hate seeing typos

f) hate getting more emails

g) just feel tired and need to go and read a book (or watch Netflix)

– please simply push the email reply button and type No, or No thanks (if you are feeling polite).

I won’t be offended. I regularly sift through my emails and unsubscribe from those that I don’t want to receive anymore (sorry to the Steam Train Enthusiasts that I Unsubscribed from. Y’all be blessed as you run those miniature trains, but don’t tell me about them).  I hope to bring some colour and laughter in your life through these updates, not make you want to burn your phone and computer.

If, on the other hand, you know someone else who likes art and artists, writing, and jokes, please could you forward this to them and copy me in at and hopefully we will enjoy getting to know each other.

(Dyslexic moment there – I couldn’t remember my own email address…)

Next time I will write a bit about my “Who would like some more ice?” series of paintings for those who would enjoy an insight into the grasshopper way the creative mind works.

It would be great to hear from you too!

May you have joy in your day, and a delightful Easter!

XX Barbie