Art Studio and Life #3 featuring artworks and painting

Hello lovely family and friends!

Happy post-Easter. I hope you celebrated, thanked God, kissed your family and ate chocolate!

I have almost recovered from the Easter weekend.

My husband and I (plus other slaves) volunteered in the kitchen at an Easter Youth Camp, feeding one thousand five hundred teenagers plus a hundred or so leaders and volunteers. It was epic! Heating 240kg of lasagne, making 1000 pieces of toast! And the teenagers were lovely. I think they get a bad rap generally, but they are ready to laugh at themselves and the world, and most of them are very kind. One of my personal favourites came to the breakfast line every morning wearing a pink unicorn onesie. What is not to love?

It was full on though, and one volunteer said his watch thingy (technologically under-enhanced, so I don’t know what it is called (and, on that note, apologies to those to whom I sent multiple emails)) told him that he walked 15kms the first day.

No wonder my feet were unhappy by the end of the weekend. I gather that guys have a part of their body that they view as a separate being, and even a pet name for it, but us girls find that a foreign concept. At least I have up until recently, but now that I think about it, my feet seem to have a life of their own. When I climb into bed and the rest of my body is happy and warm, my feet act like they are in a different climate – ‘It’s freezing down here! We are so cold that we won’t let you sleep until you warm us up!’ I apply socks and eventually they warm up enough to stop complaining and allow me to sleep. Then hours later they wake me up again ‘We are boiling down here! Take those things off, and hang us over the side of the bed!’ Then ‘We are cold now, what are you doing to us?’ They are very demanding. They worked hard at Easter camp, and boy did they let me know about it. I think they have forgiven me now, which is nice.

As promised best Eco and Recycling tips will be in a different blog.

Art Studio Epic Fail

I have done no painting this week. Nil, nada, nothing, not even any drawing.

And I have failed to figure out how to put this blog on my new website.


But we had lovely friends to stay, happiness.

And happiness from receiving some lovely messages, and writing to you all.

This is already too long, so until next time.

Joy to you and yours

XX Barbie


  1. Chris (the female variety!)

    I laughed out loud at that last comic of Henry the eighths’ wives. My sister introduced me to your blog and as I make my way through them I am very much enjoying your thoughts on our world and how it really is just each of us doing the little we can. Love your humour, love the arty cartoons. Looking forward to reading more!

    • Barbara Podmore

      I’m very glad you are enjoying my blogs, and that it made you laugh! My two favorite memes are still to come, just waiting for the perfect moment…