Art Studio and Life #16 featuring artworks and painting

Hello lovely family and friends

Now that my younger son is almost 15, we suggested watching some iconic movies with him, as we did with our older son. To give you some background on him – he doesn’t like watching movies generally. He prefers watching skateboarding videos, sport or documentaries about sport. So, breaking him in gently we started off with Star Wars. We settled in to watch, but after a while he started mimicking them “Oh no, I have a bad feeling about this!” By the end of the first film, we were all rolling about laughing at him taking them off. We got him to watch the second one, but stalled there.

Verdict – “Yeah, not bad, but no rush with the third one.”

Ok, so no more Star Wars yet, moving swiftly on to The Lord of the Rings. The Lord of the Rings (apart from being the second best book ever written) is important because we now live in Hobbiton. The North Island is basically a large branch of the Shire.  


Sure enough, half way through the first film, he starts “Oh no, the bad guys are after us! Oh, it’s alright guys, they’ve gone away. Oh, wait, those guys on horses are after us again! Oh, it’s ok guys, we’ve escaped! But wait, they’re back!” We’re all laughing, and, because it’s late, we don’t finish the movie. He asks us “So does it get any better?” Er, we thought it was good already?

Verdict – “Can we watch the Michael Jordan documentary instead?”

He’s a tough gig. Perhaps we should have started with Top Gun.


I had finished writing that when Jack suggested we watch the 3rd Star Wars movie! Turns out, it was because he had forgotten how bad the first two were…

He was most outraged by two things

  1. Why did Princess Leia kiss her brother in the first movie? “That is so gross!”
  2. Why did movie #3 repeat the plot of movie #1 with fighters flying through the carefully constructed tunnels to blow up the reactor unit? “They’re just repeating it. And anyway, that’s so stupid, why didn’t they just fill up the tunnels with cement or something?”

He was somewhat mollified when I explained that Luke was supposed to be the romantic hero, but they changed the plot when all the ladies preferred Han Solo in the first movie. However, there was no way to explain away the plot repetition or the moronic design flaw.

It was all very entertaining, and bed time was extra fun. To set the scene – Jack was lying in bed and Bruce went in to say good night.

Bruce: “Son, it’s time for you to put out the light and join the dark side.”

Jack: “Oh no, I have a bad feeling about this.”

Bruce: “Son, your feelings betray you.”

Jack: “Don’t leave me, Father!”

Bruce “Son, I too am going to join the dark side.”

We were laughing so much that Sam came upstairs from his bedroom to see what all the noise was about.

Cat update: 

My friend Chris wrote to me that cats like their water bowl to be separate from their food, because they don’t like to drink near where they have eaten, so I moved it. My cats didn’t get that memo, Chris. They now like to sit next to the bird bath, and take an occasional drink, which the birds must find really annoying on several counts.

My friend David wrote to me that some of his friends have a Lodge in the Sabi Sands Private Game Reserve, and that if the door to the outside loo is left open, hyenas come and have a drink. It’s comforting to know that my cats are in such classy company.

Painting update:

I will now finish off showing you the last stage of painting Little Blue


How do you start?

  1. Mix paint
  2. Procrastinate (Yes, I procrastinate even though it is my favorite part, because what if I have forgotten how to paint?!)
  3. Bite your nails
  4. Start painting at the top

5. Keep going down

6. Keep going

7. Like Dory, just keep swimming

8. Paint the tummy and reflection

9.Let it marinade for a couple of days

10. Then paint over any areas that need it.

And like Porky Pig says at the end of Looney Tunes

“Th-Th-Th…That’s all, folks!”

It’s Friday, Yay! My weekend blessing to you is: May you enjoy your family! And a great movie! And a great book!

 (I thought you might prefer that blessing to Aaron’s one where oil runs down his beard onto his robe, but if not: May precious oil be poured on your head, and run down your beard (if you have one) onto your bathrobe (and may you not have to launder said robe!) )

XX Barbie


  1. Bonnie Dorough

    This was hilarious! We too are sharing some classic movies (in our opinion) with our kids in hope it will ignite the same joys. Star Wars originals are a hit so far as is LOTR.

    • Barbara Podmore

      Jack has just asked to watch the second Lord of the Rings movie! we are halfway through and he is getting interested in it now – success!
      He wants to know if Gollum is a good guy or bad guy, and is quite concerned that Aragorn might go to the dark side…