Art Studio and Life #28 featuring artworks and painting

Hello lovely family and friends

I have finally set up a Google business profile under Barbara Podmore Art. Please would you be so kind as to give me a google review if you have bought a piece of art, a print, or if you enjoy my weekly blog?

It would really help my website to show sooner on searches. Pretty please with a cherry on the top!

Elections are happening here now, voting day tomorrow! For the first time in about fourteen years, I am eligible to vote. Apparently in Australia, it is mandatory to Vote, which is quite ironic when you think about it.

I do feel I should use the opportunity even though I am rather cynical about politicians and politics. As far as I am concerned, talk is cheap. Show me action. As far as I can tell, New Zealand runs very well, despite alternating between National and Labour governments. Maybe both parties are not as different as they think they are. 

My son’s friend Thomas (age 15) is passionate about politics and is planning on being Prime Minister of NZ in the future. Go for it, Thomas! Be a leader with integrity.

When he has some free time, and wants a bit of light relief, Thomas watches the live debates from Parliament.


That is my idea of light torture. It is hard for me to understand anyone choosing life as a politician, having to make speeches about policies and politics and worse still, having to listen to other people make speeches about policies and politics. I’d almost rather listen to Willie Nelson, but only almost.

Billy Connolly said “The desire to be a politician should bar you for life from ever being one.” (Sorry Thomas)

He also said “Don’t vote. It just encourages them…”

Well, that’s enough adulting for now.

Creativity next. I said I would show the kingfisher WIP a while ago, and then didn’t, so here it is.

Starting from the top left and working down. It is always daunting to know how to start, but any paint on is better than no paint, layers can always be added.

Once I get going, it gets easier. Mostly.

This is when it starts to get really fun!

Kingfisher splash detail.

So this weekend, may you vote! (Or not, unless you live in Australia (do they arrest you for not voting?))

May you live in peace! (Blessed are we who live in peaceful places)

And may you spend time birdwatching!

XX Barbie


  1. Daniel Button

    Art and Politics. Despite your penchant to dismiss anything political (and you’re not alone!), art and politics of course have an extraordinarily intertwined history. And I find your art to be very political – in a good way. I love the warfare meme about discussing politics with your family – but keep painting beautiful art with meaning, and let the chips fall where they may!

    • Barbara Podmore

      You have discovered the antidisestablishmentarianism of my art and blog… You are right, art and politics are intertwined, Banksy being a classic example in contemporary times.

  2. Flora

    Your Friday update is a highlight to end the week. Whimsy, wisdom and wit and amazing art.

    • Barbara Podmore

      Oh that makes me happy, thank you!

  3. Francis Podmore

    Dear Bsrhbie, Thank you once again for an entertaining glimpse into the life of BPA. 🌝🌻🌻🌻😍

    • Barbara Podmore

      Having fun while I do it, thank you!