Art Studio and Life #29 featuring artworks and painting

Hello lovely family and friends

Thank you very much to those who have given me a Google business profile review for Barbara Podmore Art!

I am very grateful. It helps my website to rank higher on web searches. If you have bought a piece of art, a print, or if you enjoy my weekly blog, please could you give me a review? Still pretty please with a cherry on the top!

Perhaps I might get some people who are interested in art to see it. Currently I seem to only be contacted by website/search engine optimisation people trying to sell me products, marketers promising Instagram followers or email subscribers, and desperate Ukrainian ladies in search of a Sugar Daddy/Mommy.  

The lavender is blooming, and azaleas are flowering at the moment, but my phone for reasons known only to itself, can’t take decent photos of pink/orange/red and green together. Fries its little camera brain.

My kid’s answer is, “MOM, buy a new phone!” Not likely, since I have just had to buy a new (second hand) laptop since my old one died a lingering death that could have featured in an opera since it was so protracted and dramatic, but, thankfully, without the operatic singing.

I bought a new computer (with advice from those who understand the difference between gigabytes, terabytes and pterodactyls, because I don’t). I triumphantly carried it home and fired it up, but was dismayed that the screen colour was washed out, making everything look slightly blue. I failed to change it, despite hours of YouTube videos explaining how to adjust graphic screen settings. I then traded with my husband for his old laptop with decent screen colours. Success at last.

So I am writing to you from the luxury of a laptop that boots up within seconds! I no longer have to start my laptop going half an hour before I actually want to use it. I don’t nod off while waiting for it to open Word. I am able to open both Word and PowerPoint at the same time without it having a melt down! I no longer read my book while waiting for it to open Google. I hardly know what to do with all the extra time. Wandering about in the garden perhaps?

I am sad about the short life of current electrical devices.  I (failed to) learn to touch type on one of those World War II typewriters, still going strong decades later. They were a pain to use, with those little bits of paper you had to stick in to type over a mistake, not like a laptop. You might say that I can’t have both long-term durability (mechanical only) AND speed and amazing functionality (computer chips and programs). But, of course, I’d like both. I want to have my cake and eat it. Plus, I hate the idea of all that electrical gear going into landfill. Some recycling places (like Earthlink in Lower Hutt) will take all usable/recyclable the parts out of TVs, etc. God bless them.

I’m complaining to you, but actually, my heart is filled with joy. We have had a recent, possibly serious, health issue with my older son, but he has just been medically cleared from danger. Nothing like a threat to the wellbeing of one of your beloveds to put everything else into perspective. And we are so blessed not to live in a war-torn country.

Two sweet boys!

And I have the most fabulous studio view in the known universe.

How spoiled am I?

And exciting news for the two people who want to buy prints from the “Who would like some more ice series” –

My print store will be open for two weeks in November!

I will do free shipping of unframed prints worldwide. They are beautiful quality, archival prints that the printers assure me will keep their colour for 100 years. And your descendants can get in touch with my descendants, and the printers’ descendants, if that proves not to be the case.

So, if you want to give yourself, or someone else, a Christmas present featuring citrus, that will be your chance.

It is amazing to think that Christmas is galloping towards us already! My Mum will be coming to spend Christmas with us, so we’ll be seeing her for the first time in five years. Happiness.

So this week, may your computer actually start! May your heart be filled with gratitude! And may you experience joy!

XX Barbie


  1. Sandra Fletcher

    Have a wonderful time with your Mum! So exciting. And treasure your moments and your loved ones 💕

    • Barbara Podmore

      Thank you very much Sandra! yes, absolutely to be treasured.