Art Studio and Life #32 featuring artworks and painting

Hello lovely family and friends

My youngest was aghast that I wrote about sleep in last week’s blog. “Could you not find anything else more interesting to write about than sleep?” he asked incredulously. “Well,’’ says I, “last week was so action packed that I was too tired to write anything about it, which is why I wrote about sleeping.”

He was not impressed.

When the kiddos were younger, we worked our way through a number of favourite series – Thomas the Tank Engine, Captain Pugwash, Bob the Builder, and Shaun the Sheep. (We didn’t partake in the popular female equivalents, such as Peppa Pig or Dora the Explorer, for which I am deeply grateful). Each of those series has a catchy theme tune/intro than remains lodged in my brain to this day.

Back to the action of last week – part of it was watching the Rugby World Cup final on the big screen at Church before the service. I do try to take it all seriously, but whenever the referee blows his whistle, it irresistibly reminds me of the dog blowing his whistle in Shaun the Sheep, and I instantly hear the theme tune start playing in my head.  

Of course, the referees (all 18 of them, or however many of them there were on and off the field) were personae non gratae here after the red card incident, but I think it actually helped most people to be stoic about losing. And I always feel very sorry for whoever loses, which in this case, was us. This lack of killer instinct, added to my tendency to assume the aeroplane crash position whenever a ball heads in my direction, are the primary reasons for my phenomenal sporting success.

This should be my painting process bit, but I have been working on my print shop instead of painting. I have combined all the available prints together, with one main Printer, which gives more options and less cost. Should you wish, you can now buy a print, a card, a carry bag, a notebook etc. for Christmas.

And speaking of Christmas, my little Mum will be arriving next Tuesday! Already my best Christmas present!

So, ASAP, if you are so blessed as to have a living parent/s in a nearby geographical location, hug and kiss them!

If you are so blessed as to have a child/children within driving distance/arm’s reach, hug and kiss them!

And if you are so blessed as to be owned by a cat/dog, hug them (kissing is optional).

XX Barbie

P.S. Cat update:

Hobbes: “Yes, please tickle my tummy, and my chin. I’ll roll over to give you better access. And please may I have some more food?” (My eldest says Hobbes is a cat-shaped golden retriever.)

Davy : “Did I ask you to pick me up?


No, I did not. Cease and desist at once. But I would like some more food.”