Art Studio and Life #33 featuring artworks and painting

Hello lovely family and friends

large trees in front of a wharf with blue sea and distant purple hills

If you are familiar with Wellington, you will know where this is.

Our youngest is a winter baby, but decided to postpone his 15th birthday bash until summer/ish, so that he and his crew could swim, and then play soccer. They all caught the ferry in Wellington City, and travelled across the harbour to Days Bay, where they joined the throng of other young things jumping off the wharf, and frolicking in the sea. They jumped off multiple times with a skateboard, trying to do various tricks, until it sank into the depths. Then they strolled to the pavilion park, showing off their newly acquired muscles (because most of them now do weights) and each inhaled a pizza. While they were doing so, various gorgeous babes in bikinis strolled past. The boys all remained oblivious, until a sports car (with a male driver) drove past, whereupon their heads turned in unison, as if by clockwork….  The moral of the story is – girls, if you want to be noticed by boys, drive past in a Maserati (bikini is optional).

classical art meme teenage boys admiring sports car

Boys are very entertaining, one just has to sit quietly next to a group of them, and try to keep a straight face and not laugh too loudly.

art meme about teenagers and Lionel Messi and Taylor Swift

The closest I have got to painting recently, is winning an Amazon gift voucher and using it to buy more paint brushes. I almost bought a novel, but the lure of good blender brushes, and new fine tips won, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs…

row of three round blender paintbrushes and ten fine point brushes

They just arrived! How exciting is that? Try not to be jealous…

Next week I’m gonna do me some paintin’ with them there brushes!

And, speaking of painting, if you would like to buy a print, and have it arrive before Christmas, my November print sale is still on:

collection of art prints of paintings

toilet paper unraveled on the floor

I am revelling in having my little mother here. She arrived at midnight on Tuesday. My oldest was very amused that she chose to travel assisted (being wheeled to the front of the line in a wheelchair, etc.). We thought it was very reasonable, since she is 85, but he says she was “pulling a gangsta”, since she can walk. He’d like to try it himself next time he travels… 

So, this week, if at all possible, may you make your Mum a cup of Earl Grey tea! May you drive a Maserati in your beach gear! And may you spend time with teenagers!

XX Barbie

classical art meme of amazed dogs


  1. Judy Hatty

    Barbie, you brighten my day! I am now tempted to put pen to paper, although one does not do that these days…. Correction, -put fingers on iPad, to share something scintillating about my life! Love always… Jx

    • Barbara Podmore

      Excellent! Go girl! get those fingers typing…


    Barbie you are so talented. I dont always have time to read your blog but today i needed it. Thanks and God bless.

    • Barbara Podmore

      Glad it brought some light relief Jean! As well as giving you some valuable teenage tips

  3. Daniel Button

    Hi Barbie, your description of teenage boys is spot on. Ours is early 20s now, but the same behaviours transcend cultural boundaries. As for Lionel Messi vs. Taylor Swift? Oooh. Don’t get us started. Our son loves provoking his mother with comments like, ‘male tennis players are obviously way better than females, so of course they should get paid more.’ But Swift and Messi, now there’s a conversation opener at the pub!

    • Barbara Podmore

      OOOOHHH, he’s feeling brave! He needs to make sure he gets his laundry done before he start chirping his mother! Let me know how the pub discussion goes…

  4. Laurie

    Aaah Barbie – I SO look forward to your blogs. You bring a huge smile to my heart every time!

    LOVE the new brushes and viewed them carefully. Tempted to envy, but my son paid for me to order some lovely specific brushes from MJS Painting in UK. – He does special Comber brushes, Tree and Texture brushes and very fine Rigor Brushes. So excited to get them for Christmas!

    Give Bruce and your Boys a hug. Love from us Zimbo’s!

    • Barbara Podmore

      I’m very glad to bring some joy! I look forward to writing it and making memes, so we all win. MJS brushes – now that is classy! My turn not to be jealous…
      Love to you Zimbos!