Art Studio and Life #35 featuring artworks and painting

Hello lovely family and friends

We went to an epic thanksgiving lunch last Saturday with our friends from the US of A. It did make me very thankful – thankful that the three new dishes I contributed actually worked. I have new respect for those American cooks, they must have three or four ovens to make that lot: turkey, ham, roast green bean casserole, sweet potato bake, macaroni cheese, corn bread, pumpkin pie, pecan nut pie… It goes on and on. We had a fun discussion over dessert: ice cream versus cream (GO CREAM!), with a maverick custard lover weighing in too.  

Now that Thanksgiving is over, Christmas can begin! Christmas music is playing and trees are going up.

I saw a post that one of my friends hates the song ‘All I want for Christmas is you’ (Justin Bieber and Maria Carey) and every year he hopes that the radio and the shops won’t play it again, but every year they do. Personally, I quite like it (sorry Gareth), and I sure can think of a lot worse songs, but like I said before, one man’s meat etc.

I also enjoy decorating a Christmas tree while listening to carols, but just had a conversation with a teenager who hates decorating the Christmas tree, but who’s Mom LOVES it, and presses them to join in each year, so I made a version of the song dedicated to Gareth and XXX (who shall remain anonymous). Of course, I have already warmly invited XXX over to join us on our Christmas tree decorating day…

All I Want For Christmas Reprise

I don’t want a lot for Christmas

There is just one thing that I need

I don’t want to help my Mom to

decorate the Christmas tree

I want to be left alone

More that you could ever know

Make my wish come true

Don’t ask me to decorate with you…

This week’s painting:

Small, insignificant, tiny, miniscule, minute, you get the picture, not that there is much picture to get…

 So this week, may you cook (industrial quantities of) something new! May you decorate a tree with the help of any teenagers you can find (because they’ll love it)! And may you (this means YOU, Barbara Podmore) do some actual painting!

XX Barbie

Hobbes says “Hi!”

Davy doesn’t.


  1. Daniel Button

    Your cats are getting too lax and complacent. You should bring a dog home for a day just to wind them up a bit – and remind them how good they have it.

    • Barbara Podmore

      Yes indeed. But I am to relaxed and complacent to organize it1