Art Studio and Life #36 featuring art and artworks

Hello lovely family and friends

Last week I left you with a cooking challenge, and one friend wrote back to say she was going to make lavender shortbread as Christmas gifts for her colleagues (I tried 3 different spellings of colleague, and they were all wrong), rather than the chocolate truffles she made the previous year. I said, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it… Chocolate plus cream vs bread and lavender! I know what I’d prefer. She countered with the problem of melted chocolate because it’s hot in Australia. Oh, right, lavender it is then. I’m somewhat wary of cooking with lavender, having been served with fish fried in lavender oil at a different friend’s house. I love it when other people feed us, but I’m not keen on fish at the best of times, so it was a mite challenging and very good for weight control.

The shortbread friend had previously made lavender bread, which I’m keen to try out on the teenagers here. They need a challenge every now and then. I do make all our bread, haven given up buying expensive and flimsy shop bread. I don’t add the extra gluten that recipes recommend, which shop bread has added in profusion (why are we becoming so gluten intolerant, we wonder).  

Making all our own bread sounds impressive, but what it actually means is that I put the ingredients into a breadmaker, and it makes the bread. It even has a timer so that it can make a loaf of bread to be ready in the morning. I have to put in how many hours and minutes until I want the bread, and as a dyslexic, I count the requisite hours on my fingers, so as not to get it wrong. If I am tired and keep getting different numbers, I resort to asking another family member to work out the time. I tell you this to comfort any fellow dyslexics. You are not alone.   

And now, for your delectation: How to Paint a Glass

Paint the lightest lights

Paint the mid tones

Paint the darkest darks (which are actually fairly light in this instance)

Voila! First glass layer complete.

Your turn.

And so this week, May you make some bread! (with or without lavender and/or gluten) May you share aforesaid bread with family and friends! And may you add some colour to your life!

P.S. This week’s Darwin Award goes to Hobbes, who I have just grabbed off the second story balcony railing, where he was precariously balanced, preparatory to attempting to leap onto the corner edge of the (very) narrow gutter in order to catch a sparrow…


  1. Rosie Button

    I’m also wary of lavender in food… we sometimes visit a lavender farm in the Cotswolds, which is gorgeous. They sell lavender ice cream, scones, and biscuits in the cafe and I honestly don’t like any of them!

    • Barbara Podmore

      Do they sell any non- lavender items?! What do you order when you are there? Even if you don’t like lavender icecream, I’m sure you’d like the lavender oil fish….

  2. Francis Podmore

    Thanks again Barbie.
    Q1. How did you know Hobbs was there about to leap?

    Q2. When using lavender in cooking is it fresh flowers, or leaves? Or dried ditto? Or lavender oil? Or somethingihaventthoughtof?

    • Barbara Podmore

      If you’ve seen a hunting cat – the lashing tail, little squeaks of excitement, rocking backward and forwards…
      Lavender question idn (I don’t know)