Art Studio and Life # 43

Hello lovely family and friends

Today I am actually going to write about painting! Concept.

Commissions can indeed be interesting, but my boys think I have lost the plot with some of my surreal paintings too. Surreal paintings mean different things to different people, because they use symbols, which speak to our unconscious.

Why do I paint babies? I think that our soul is like a child, however old our body gets.  I wanted to paint a depiction of a soul journey, when we go on an inward journey, or outward journey that changes us inside. I felt like I was on a soul journey when we moved to New Zealand. I was uprooted, drifting in a sea of change that was terrifying but also full of new possibilities.

Soul Journey Oil on Canvas 90cm x 60cm

Breaking the rules starting the whole painting with the best bit, the tiny baby.

Painting the shadows. The browns look blue against the orange underlayer.

Painting the highlights, they are not blue, they are pale flesh colour.

Completing the underpainting. 

Using tiny brushes for the next layer.

Now the soul baby looks pink against the turquoise sea. I promise it’s the same baby.

Anne Geddes vibes. Remember her babies in flowers? Cute as.

Moving to New Zealand had been hard, challenging and growth inducing.

What have been the catalysts for some of your great soul journeys?   

So this week, may you look inward for treasure! May you find hope! And may you and yours be blessed in the journey of life!

XX Barbie


  1. Laurie

    Love the painting and your sharing about its meaning Barbie – so meaningful. Blessings for the onward journey!

    • Barbara Podmore

      Thank you very much Laurie, I appreciate your encouragement!