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Hello lovely family and friends


Tis nearly Valentines Day! Your chance to buy someone (including yourself) flowers and chocolate approacheth.

Many years ago, my friendly husband and the comfortably round, middle aged Zimbabwean cleaning lady cordially wished each other a happy Valentines Day. He cheerily asked her if she had received a Valentines present?

“Yes,” she said giggling a little.

“What did you get?” he asked. She bashfully ducked her head, and shyly said, “A red paint.”

“A red paint?” he asked, puzzled.

“Yes,” she said, “A red paint, and a bra.”

(ask a Zimbabwean to translate for you, if you don’t understand the accent.)

The only kind of painting I have been doing recently involves using a spray can, but at home, not outside. I haven’t been tagging buildings or road signs, unlike Banksy. I think he does do some spray painting at home too, because I remember watching a lockdown video that he (or his doppelganger) put out of him spray painting his toilet wall with rats stealing toilet paper. Remember those days? (I mean lockdown, not rats stealing your toilet paper, although you may have experienced that too).

So this week, may you not get phished! (You know, that looks like something a drunk person might say, once they have already gotten phished. Yeah, don’t do that either. (My dodgy upbringing is showing here (plus I want to see how many brackets I can fit in one sentence (four, I can do four (and no, I haven’t been at the liquor cabinet in order to write like this, some of our brains act like this even without alcohol (that’s five))))).

Where was I?

May you make or buy a Valentine gift!

And may you receive a valentine gift! (Maybe you need to give yourself some love, just sayin’)

XX Barbie  


  1. Flora

    Barb – your blog makes my Friday. 😊😊😊

    • Barbara Podmore

      Thank you! Your comment makes mine