Art Studio and Life #47 featuring art and artworks

Hello lovely family and friends

You’d never have guessed, but I am not really a dog person. I don’t like that wet dog smell. Seeing someone else’s dog playing at the beach is great, they have so much fun, but I’m glad they are not climbing into my car. Or my house.

And I object to being licked. Why must they lick you? Couldn’t they just be content to wag their tails? They lick their privates and then they come and lick you. And they want you to keep throwing a ball, which gets covered in spit, and then they come and put it on your lap. Again and again.

And they seem so needy, they follow you about longing for attention. I find that exhausting.

Bru, get a life.

Cats couldn’t care less where the people are, (unless they are hungry) and I respect that. 

Cats seem cleaner than dogs, but I do know that they also lick their privates (which takes a lot of courage) and then lick the rest of their fur. Which we then stroke.

Hmm. It makes you think. Dog lovers are now feeling smugly vindicated. Perhaps you better send me some dog memes.

Despite giving dogs a bad rap, I do have a soft spot for bull terriers after living with my flat mate Suzie’s dog. Which says something about my taste because the human equivalent of a bull terrier is probably a pirate. They have a similar tendency to fight anyone who crosses their path in order to acquire their possessions/territory, or just out of sheer bloody mindedness. 

Frodo was more like a force of nature than a dog. Come to think of it, Gimli might have been a more appropriate name for him. He tried to eat a toad once, which made him really sick. He recovered physically, but was left with a deep hatred of them. When it rains in Zim, toads come out and hop slowly around the garden, catching insects. Frodo would find one and follow it, putting his head as close to it as possible without actually swallowing it, and bark furiously.

As well as being piratically charming, he was rather windy. If you sat peacefully watching TV with Frodo lying at your feet, chances are, you would suddenly be enveloped in a pungent cloud of gas. He was therefore banned from sleeping in any of our bedrooms at night, and was closed in the kitchen, where he would curl up in his basket looking very hard done by. Opening the kitchen door in the morning was challenging. It was best to hold your breath while you rushed to unlock the back door to let some fresh air in.

Frodo also enjoyed the occasional car ride. One notable day, one of my housemates (not the one who owned Frodo) was late for work. She ran out to the car and jumped in. Unfortunately for her, Frodo was just that fraction quicker, and he jumped in just before she did, and ensconced himself on the front passenger seat, greatly looking forward to a ride. She first cajoled, and then threatened him in an effort to get him out. She tried pushing him out, but he growled at her, so she gave that up in case he decided to bite her. She them exited the car and pretended to go inside. He stayed in the car. She coaxed, she called, she offered treats. He stayed in the car. Eventually, she had to drive around the block with him, park back at home, climb out and go inside the house before he would get out of the car. Once he eventually entered the house, she casually strolled past him through the front door, slammed it shut, nipped back into the car and drove off. It was not a good day.

On the creative front, our renovation is proceeding at pace:

You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs…

And on the family front, our eldest is comfortably established in his Uni Residence studio flat. He’s met multiple people, cooked for himself, and made bread. He’s found a street basketball court, been to an open mic session, and is happy as. He’s also feeling sorry for all the wide-eyed farm boys from Taranaki who are dealing with culture shock. We miss him, but it’s great to see him spreading his wings.

So this week, may you cuddle the animal of your choice! (good luck with that if it is a dolphin). May you make an omelette or equivalent creative mess! And may you kiss those loved ones!

XX Barbie