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Hello lovely family and friends

I am still able to write this week because I have managed to avoid getting shot at dawn by all the dog lovers.

I received an email reminding me of another friend’s dog called Frodo, who is polite, charming, non-smelly, not interested in balls or swimming, and whose owner was aghast to hear of another dog called Frodo. Bad news for you Dan, apparently there are more dogs called Frodo than Fido in the state of Seattle. (More bad news, Rosie is in the top 10 most popular girl dog names in the UK (Dan’s wife is called Rosie)).

That got me wondering what the most popular dog names are in New Zealand: Bella, Charlie, Molly and Max, closely followed by Poppy, Archie, Luna, Olli and Coco.

I’m surprised Shelob and Hagrid didn’t make the list.

And the most popular NZ cat names are: the same as the dogs! Come on people! Cats deserve better than that.

 And the most popular children’s names echo the pet names. Not Coco though, which is probably a good thing.  Perhaps if you had a daughter and a lady dog, you could name them both Luna? Then could call both of them at the same time, two for the price of one, so to speak. Though the dog would definitely arrive before the teenager.

I can’t throw rocks at you for not being original though. Our older son was born in 2004 and we named him Sam, great name and we didn’t know any other Sam’s (most popular boys name worldwide in 2004 = Sam). Our younger son was born in 2008 and we named him Jack, great name and we knew one other Jack who lived in a different county (most popular boys name worldwide in 2008 = Jack). If you see a bunch of teenagers and call out “Sam” or “Jack”, half of them look round. I knew we should have stuck with our second choices and called them Azriel and Gomer.

On the painting front: nil, nada, zip, nothing

On the BnB renovation front: smashing, hammering, drilling, sawing, dust and PROGRESS!

So this week: may you spend time thinking of an original name for your next pet (or child)! May you say ‘Hi!’ to Bella, Luna, Molly, Olli, Archie and Max from me! And may you have a lovely cuddle with the animal of your choice!

XX Barbie


You might wonder, after all this talk of dogs, how the cats are?

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