Art Studio and Life #49

Hello lovely family and friends

Something very soothing about a cat sleeping in the sun, unless you are a dog, in which case it’s enraging.

I have had some fun replies about both animals and names. Someone’s cat is named Coco, and a person down the hallway from our son in university residence is called Coco. Hopefully after Channel, not the cat.

Someone else called their dog their favorite girl’s name, and then had a girl, so the kid got second choice name. How sad is that?

Yet another person keeps calling their child the dog’s name. It’s one thing to mix up names of siblings, but with the dog?  I suggested they get them a T shirt printed saying ‘Hi Mom, my name is XXX’. Freud would have a few unpleasant things to say about that. Mind you, he had a few unpleasant things to say about pretty much everything we say or do.

My friend Dan wrote about Tibetans not caring about being good, and, for a moment, I thought he was talking about a people group, rather than a dog breed. It certainly took me aback. I didn’t even know that Tibetans had dogs, let alone having a whole dog breed named after them, members of whom have been shipped off to England to be named Frodo… It’s a fascinating world out there.

On my morning walk, I regularly meet a golden Labrador called Good Boy River, at least, I think that’s his name. He always stops to say hello. Apparently, he failed guide dog training because he was too friendly. He wanted to socialize with everybody, rather than getting his person safely across the road. Perhaps a successful Labrador guide dog has to be an introvert? Introvert Labrador = oxymoron.

My husband and I were leaving a coffee shop on the weekend, and just outside was a delightful girl black Labrador called Isla (like my friend’s daughter – we really do need to expand our name choices). I know her name because I spent some time patting her and chatting to her owner, while my husband popped into a shop. When he came out and saw what I was up to, he said accusingly “I thought you weren’t supposed to like dogs?” I do actually like dogs, I just prefer cats.

Actually, I really like mammals, pretty much all mammals, tame, wild, large, small. You name it, I like it.

Reptiles?  Yeah nah. Especially crocodiles. And in Australia not only do you have to watch out for them in fresh water, they swim in the sea with the sharks. That seems deeply unfair to me. I particularly like jaguars because they leap into rivers to catch and eat crocodiles. Biter bit, tit for tat. It’s very satisfying.

Perhaps next time I’ll write about the family snake…

Thank you to those who wished me a happy birthday.

I had it.

I had cream and pancakes for breakfast, went to church, rearranged the garage and then went out to friends for dinner. I even got given two kinds of liquorice. So good.

So this week, may you watch a satisfying video of a jaguar catching a crocodile! May you eat liquorice (or the confectionary of your choice (unless you have given it up for Lent))! And may you pet a friendly Labrador (but not if it is attached to a visually unenhanced person)!

XX Barbie