Art Studio and Life #54

Hello lovely family and friends

We have recently experienced daylight savings, since it is now officially autumn “Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness”. The whole concept still does seem odd to me, daylight savings that is, not autumn. The PTB (powers that be) made us get up an hour earlier in spring (which made me very grumpy) and now they are giving it back, so that we can sleep an extra hour. Which is great in theory. The trouble is that my body still thinks I need to wake up at the previous time, not having been created with an adjustable digital setting. Still, interrupted extra sleep is better than no extra sleep, and I am much better at sleeping in the morning than at night.

It is also school holidays here, so the youngest and I loll happily in bed, after the bread-winner has considerately tiptoed out at the crack of dawn. I’d love to be one of those morning people who spring from bed as dawn glows rosily in the sky, drawing in deep lungful’s (this is how spellcheck thinks that should be spelled, but surely that’s not right?) of fresh air, humming as they commence the chores of the day. Instead, my body clock remains that of a teenager, wide awake until after midnight and able to sleep until midday. During term time, I arise zombie like after the alarm, and make breakfast on autopilot, with my eyes barely opened to cut out the rude glare of day. You morning people are now feeling very smug, but did you know there is a bible verse about being too loud and cheerful in the morning? ‘Whoever blesses his neighbour with a loud voice, rising early in the morning, will be counted as cursing.’ (Proverbs 27:14) So, no cursing in this house, s’il vous plait.

Another thing about autumn being here is that I feel like I should be doing gardenish things, such as pruning plants? The trouble is that I have no idea what I should be doing. I find it hard enough to keep my indoor plants alive. Apparently, peace lily plants are easy as to look after. Mine were doing great, and then they started to get brown tips on the leaves, so I asked Mr/Ms Google why. Answer: Too much water / too little water / water that doesn’t have banana leaves soaked in it / water that has chlorine in it…

Wow. And I thought the cats were fussy.

So, you Welly gardeners, seasonal gardening advice would be welcome.

Someone asked why my blog is no longer about painting. That is because I haven’t been painting for a couple of months, so there was no painting to write about. However, now that the BnB is renovated and running, I am able to paint again. I have just recently had 3 (imagine!) painting sessions in a row!

Random thought – there is such a thing as being disgruntled, but have you ever heard of anyone being gruntled? I thought gruntled might mean the opposite of disgruntled, like empowered versus disempowered. But no, of course not, because this is English. Apparently, it comes from the word gruntle, which means grumble. Which comes from the word grunt, because when you are gruntling, grumbling or disgruntled, you make grunting noises. I did not know that grunting was mandatory at such times.

That is disappointing because I wanted a word that is the opposite of disgruntled to describe how I feel to be painting again. Like happy vs unhappy, but more interesting. Maybe I can say I am feeling gruntled if I make happy grunting noises while I paint?  

I am not easily able to use my studio anymore (sadness) so I am experimenting with painting in the bedroom and might try the lounge after the school holidays. Better to lug all my things around the house and paint, than not paint at all. I have been accepted into the Auckland Art Show in July, so I do actually need to get a move on and finish some paintings.

So, this week, may you enjoy a lie in! May you not kill any plants! And may you be gruntled!

XX Barbie


  1. AC

    One of your best! Seriously. Crisp! Love your play on words.

    Also, personal opinion:

    I think that the photo of your work area would make an interesting composition for a painting (minus the cat …sorry).

    • Barbara Podmore

      I’m glad you enjoyed it, because I can never tell if it is drivel or not…
      Yes, you are right, it would make a good painting, but not one by me. All those lines straight lines would stress me out…