Art Studio and Life #55

Hello lovely family and friends

Did any of you notice the misspelled meme two blogs back?

Eeeesh! (Zimbabwean for “oh my goodness, that’s terrible.” (I never know where to put the full stop – inside or outside of the colon thingy “?”, or outside the bracket? Beats me… (and even if you tell me, I probably won’t remember.))).

Oh Well.

Painting is going…. Painting is… I mean I’m painting, but… Ok, these days I’m rubbing off more paint than I am leaving on. Eeeesh!

The BnB is generally going well, eleven 5 star reviews and one 1 star review by someone (male Karen?) who was very annoyed that it was small. AirBnB gets very upset by one star reviews, and it’s all been a bit difficult. I’m trying not to pack a sad (Kiwi for get depressed), and am keeping going.  If ever you have watched the film ‘The Gods Must be Crazy’ you might recognise this famous quote from it, which sums up perfectly my current state:

“I don’t want to talk about it.”

But it’s not all doom and gloom, because we have cats to cheer us up.

The cats have decided that there is one seat to be desired above all others in this house: The Seat of Power.

‘One seat to rule them all

One seat to enshrine them

One seat to make it much

Easier to find them’

(With thanks to J.R.R. and ‘Bored of the Rings’.) (Yet another full stop bracket dilemma.)…


This seat belongs by right of conquest to the top ranked cat, and should the undercat illegally slink into it when the top cat is elsewhere, there is either outright war, or a subtle take over when the boss returns. Davy has fought the good fight and is now the top seed. Yesterday Hobbes was snoozing happily in The Seat of Power, when Davy returned. Davy jumped up and went for the subtle approach. He lay on the edge and slid down gradually on top of Hobbes. After a short while of being squashed, Hobbes extracted himself, jumped down, philosophically gave his fur a wash, and left the room. Davy assumed the armadillo sleep position, and peace reigned.

Davy in The Seat of Power

When I went into the garage yesterday afternoon, I heard a plastic rustling noise. This was disconcerting because the only plastic that is there is, is around a carefully constructed drying booth, to keep dust and cat hairs off of drying paintings. Hobbes had been locked in the garage for some hours, and needed a cosy place to sleep. He found a lovely plastic cave that someone had thoughtfully provided for such an eventuality…

So, this week may you have many 5 Star reviews! May you watch ‘The Gods Must be Crazy!’ May you not sleep in anyone’s drying booth!

XX Barbie


  1. Katherine Simpson

    Your memes always make me laugh. And your interpretations of Zimbabwean and New Zealand slang. Educational too.

    • Barbara Podmore

      Thank you Katherine,
      Laughter is the way forward! And education helps too, sometimes…

  2. Chris

    I’ve had occasion recently to look at a few accomodation reviews and I can tell you I look for consistency. So if there is an occasional poor review but the rest are glowing I usually discount the poor one and I definitely would for something as random as size of room. I hope that’s some comfort!

    • Barbara Podmore

      Thanks Chris! You know how it is, 3 thousand positive things, versus 0.0002 negative things – and what sticks in your brain??

  3. Bruce

    Both cats had better enjoy themselves until Tha Big Dog gets home. He doesn’t believe in “If you want The Seat of Power in the house, you’ll need to move (even) the (top ranked) cat…”

    They have been warned


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