Art Studio and Life #59

Hello lovely family and friends

I had a eureka moment recently when we were away on holiday. One evening, our delightful hostess said to us “Dinner is going to be late tonight, because I haven’t been feeling very sensible today.

  ‘Wow! Me neither,’ I thought, ‘In fact, I haven’t been feeling very sensible this year, this decade, or this life.’

That explains so much.

I have a clear memory of my mother driving me to work (God bless her) when I was in my early twenties, and her saying to me “I really worry about how you are going to manage in life.” And when she said that, I thought, “I know, me too. I worry about that too.” She is a very sensible person, and I am not. I am, instead, to use an Irish expression, ‘away with the fairies’ most of the time.

I do try and all, but it’s like rolling a stone up a hill. You relax for just a moment, and it starts rolling back down.

I can be driven to a location 50 times, and not know how to get there when I climb behind the wheel myself. This is because, while being a passenger, I have been looking at clouds, looking at the colour of shadows and wondering what paints I would mix to make those shades, or rejoining an epic fantasy story unfolding in my head. So much fun to be had. I don’t know where I am going, but I’m having a great time. Looking at roads signs is pretty dull in comparison, so I struggle to pay attention to them. Actually, I seldom bother anymore.

I also fall asleep after 30mins of driving, unlike my darling husband who is able drive all day. Respect and adoration. The road stretching ahead lulls me to sleep. Apparently, this is a form of carsickness? If I drink non-stop coke, I can manage an hour, max.

In addition to this, I am directionally under-facilitated, I am pretty sure that whatever direction I am facing must be North, surely? I can’t express how deeply thankful I am for GPS and Google Maps, and I think that is why it took Frodo and his mates so long to get to Mordor – no GPS pin. They had no external help, so when one of them said “Hey guys, we need to climb over these alps” they said “Really? Ok, sure,” and then when that didn’t work, and someone else said “I know, let’s go underneath, down through a mine full of goblins,” they said “Oh, right, ok.” Boromir was kind of like the GPS, saying “Guys, we could actually go round the side,” but, for some reason, they didn’t trust him.

Our eldest has just passed his driving test and now had his restricted licence! So Proud of him! But, it was very odd to watch him driving away all by himself…

The cats are chilly, but well. Hobbsie trying to decide if the fireplace is cool enough to sit on top of. Some of us just need to learn things the hard way.

So, this week, may you admire shadows (but not if you are the designated driver!) May you drive safely to the correct address without meeting any goblins en route! And may you dream dreams and see visions!

XX Barbie

And for the dog lovers, (you are not forgotten):


  1. Helena Hatty

    I feel SEEN! In our heads is sometimes the most interesting place to be. Love from your fellow not-sensible, directionally challenged friend.
    Thank goodness for the GPS or I would never leave the house

    • Barbara Podmore

      You have raised a negative point about GPS – it does mean we have one less excuse for staying at home…

  2. Bruce

    Thank you for the expressed respect and adoration – keep it coming!

    Daddy Bean


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