Art Studio and Life #60

Hello lovely family and friends

I have arrived here at my blog page late and tired, but triumphant. For a while there I thought I wouldn’t be writing a blog at all this week because I have been wrestling with that joy and delight of the sole traders’ life: the Annual Income Tax Return.

Some of you accounting types are now aghast “What, it’s already June and you hadn’t done your tax for 31/3/24 yet??”

I was working on it towards the end of March when the Tax Dept wrote to us all saying ‘Relax guys, new Govt is making up their minds about stuff, so we only want it in July,’ but in more official language.

So, I ditched accounting and did other fun things like cleaning toilets and trying to paint. But all the while, IT (Income Tax not the computer department) lurked in the back of my mind. As time passed, IT started troubling my peace of mind, coming closer, breathing down my neck and eventually waking me up at night. Then it dawned on me (conscious mind late to the party, subconscious mind had already been freaking out) that IT was due at the same time as the Auckland Art Show. To quote Winnie-the-Pooh “Oh, help and bother!”

Since I want to paint with focus in the few weeks remaining, I needed to deal with the giant. Like David, I girded my loins (aka changed out of my pajamas) and got out my trusty Excel spreadsheets. Two days later, I have done the deed. It is submitted, and I am free! As Toad says “O bliss! O poop-poop! O my! O my!”

Of course, Toad is referring to the joy of driving, not IT, but we covered that last week. One kind friend wrote to suggest that, given my stellar driving abilities, I should refrain from becoming a pilot. I can’t see how they have come to that conclusion. It seems a bit harsh. Just because I am unable to stay awake for more than half an hour, and have no sense of direction doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be an awesome pilot. I’ll invite you all to fly with me once I have qualified. You can send me your name to join the queue.       

So, this week may you not have to deal with tax returns! (Unless of course you work for the Tax Dept and you have quotas to keep up with, in which case, this strategy may not work so well for you!) May you have peace of mind! And may you experience bliss!

XX Barbie

P.S. Some relatives of those who are away with the fairies wrote to me about how happy those fairy people are, and how frustrated, but also surprised into laughter, their relatives are. We fairies are there to help the non-fairies take life less seriously.

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  1. Bruce

    I’ll fly with you!

    I’ll steer…


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