Art Studio and Life #62

Hello lovely family and friends

I’m still madly painting for the art show, but I’m also tired of painting today, so it’s inspirational meme time!

I read various blogs about productivity and living your best life etc., you know the kind of stuff I mean. So, apparently, we are supposed to rise before dawn every day, exercise first thing in the fresh air and sunlight, (to top up our vitamin D and goodness know what else), meditate, journal and then we will leap into our productive day with renewed vigour, achieving fortune, fame and success. Concept.

During term time my alarm goes off at 6.40am and I draw my unwilling body from under the warm duvet, dress with my eyes opened 2mm, and open the blinds. In winter, it still looks like midnight outside. During summer, the sun has been around for some hours, so I experience both rising before dawn and lolling in bed hours after dawn, all while getting up at exactly the same time every day.

I have a cup of tea (can’t face food yet) and then march down the hill through the forest with various family members on their way to catch the train. I then turn around and walk back up the hill, behold, the required early morning exercise. In summer the birds are singing, the sun makes golden glints off the green leaves, and it’s all very idyllic. In winter it is dark, often wet, lit by street lamps, with nary a bird to be heard and zero vitamin D to be had. That’s the trouble with rising before dawn to exercise. It’s dark. There is no vitamin D.

This is something all those productivity blogs don’t mention, which makes me wonder if they actually practice what they preach. Maybe ChatGPT writes them all, and it doesn’t get out of bed of a morning.

Do I experience a difference between rising before dawn, and joining the day late to the party?

 No. No I do not.

My brain only wakes up between nine and ten in the morning, winter or summer. I do everything before then on autopilot, with a skeleton crew managing the controls. If it try to mediate before 10, I have a lovely sleep. If I try to journal, I just write grumpy things about how I wish I was asleep. Early rising does not a morning person make.

Saturday comes and I sleep blissfully until 9 or 10 and rise happy and refreshed.

I reckon all the morning people need to try my life tips – you’ll love it and be so productive. Sleep until 10am, work until 6pm, and exercise at 8pm. Stay up until midnight reading a book, then pray, then put in a couple of hours of work. Behold, you will accomplish so much, be loved, be beautiful and get rich.

So, this week, may you pull a midnighter! Then may you have your best sleep! And may you find some vitamin D somewhere along the way!

XX Barbie

Cat update:

Davy’s new belly button and fade.

Trying to make the bed around the playful resident.


  1. Rachel Hitchcock

    Love your blogs, Barbie!!


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