Art Studio and Life #63

Hello night owls!!

Hi larks.

My friend Dan, whose night habits are such that he makes me look like a lark, reckons that he gets enough vitamin D from his computer screen at 1.30am. I hope he’s right. Or he’s going to get scurvy (oh no, that’s not enough lemons isn’t it?), or rickets or some such thing. Gummy Vites are the way forward Dan.

Tis another refreshing day in Wellington – 3 degrees, feels like 1. But the sun is shining and I’ve got my knitted long johns on, so all is well. And I have finished two more paintings, the last ones I will be able to varnished and get photographed before we head up north for the show. My amazing photographer man (Z3D Imaging) was trying to tell me about the lights he uses. Dark lights, and…, and… other lights, and quantum and wavelengths and frequencies. I think. I recognised quite a few of the other words he used, like ‘and’ and ‘the’, and I enjoyed his enthusiasm, and watching him wave his arms around. He does a fabulous job.

Painting was SO FUN! Thinking about standing next to my paintings while hundreds of people walk past and look at them, or worse, ignore them, is SO NOT FUN. Like parent teacher day on steroids, when your beloved kid is not doing well. Better that doing a French oral or a driving test, but more drawn out… I imagine it’s how a hermit crab might feel if you hoick it out of its shell and pop it naked in an aquarium with just pebbles and no shells to hide in.

My poor husband is perplexed. Two days ago I was very happy about a painting I just finished, rhapsodising about placing the final tiny white dot in the eye, before stepping back and feeling satisfied. Then the following day I woke up, had a look at it and said ‘What a load of rubbish.’ This whole ‘I love it then I hate it’ is a normal part of making art, but I’m experiencing it very intensely at the moment, and as I’m normally a fairly level person, he is bemused by my extreme mood swings. Which is not to say that I don’t cry often on our Saturday coffee date, because I do. Rather like Pavlov’s dog – almost as soon as I sit down with a cup of coffee in Starbucks, I start crying. The staff there are really sweet, and maybe it’s a refreshing change for them to see people talking to each other/crying rather than staring down at a phone. Or perhaps they are too busy making single shot, decaff, skinny soy milk Frappuccinos with extra caramel etc. to even notice.

If the exhibition goes well, there might even be less crying in Starbucks, you never know.

So this week, may you talk to someone who is excited about light frequencies!  May you wear long johns! And may you have a fabulous coffee date with someone you love (crying is optional!)

XX Barbie


  1. Bruce

    I will stand by you…

    Thank you for coming on a date with me – again!

  2. Chris Wilson

    Hi Barbie. When and west will you be exhibiting? I’m wondering whether I might be able to get there…

    • Barbara Podmore

      Chris! That would be fun! At the Auckland Art Show at the Viaduct this weekend – 12 to the 14th July.


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