Art Studio and Life # 64

Hello lovely family and friends

I am writing this from sunny Auckland! My beloved get very excited about weekends and trips, and tends to wake up very early as a consequence, so we left Welly at about 4am on Wednesday. I stayed awake as long as my coffee lasted. We arrived at Mt Ruhapehu at dawn and froze ourselves leaping out of the car to take photos, standing in the frosty grass. Gorgeous and icy. We could hear some very mournful sheep wailing. I don’t know what they were complaining about, because they are covered in wool, unlike the silent cows. Perhaps the cows were silent because they were frozen solid?

I then re-assumed the front seat foetal sleep position, clutching my pillow and slumbered, while the legendary driver drove to lake Taupo, which was shrouded in fog. We pulled up by the lakeside and watched the ducks (not gorillas) in the mist, before both having a nap. We drove on and arrived in Waiuku and spend a delightful afternoon with old friends from Zim who used to live in Zambia. It does feel very cheering to be welcomed as immigrants to New Zealand, but we still pine for aspects of our homeland. We reminisced about pre-parenthood days, and also had fun (tactfully) boasting about the exploits of all our large and gifted children. The best of both worlds. We dragged ourselves away and drove another hour through the dark to our current abode.

View from our kind friends bach/holiday house that we are staying at. The suffering is real.

The clean and empty kitchen counter at the holiday house has become covered with tiny black ants. I don’t mind them because they leave my coffee alone. We don’t seem to have ants in Wellington, or if we do, they are free range garden ones rather than domesticated kitchen ones. I feel quite nostalgic because we went through periods in Botswana when rivers of tiny black ants flooded our kitchen. We put down talcum powder on the door step which, apparently, should have deterred them. It didn’t. They walked up around it, and at one stage, came down through the roof in the shower. They would swarm for weeks, and then, as mysteriously as they arrived, disappear for months. My Mum has a theory that ants are aliens who are able to beam in and out of locations. There may be something in that…

Himself has gone to work in the Auckland office, and I am reveling in a retreat day.

Tomorrow is set up during the day and then VIP opening night. I shall screw my courage to the sticking point and try to talk to strangers.

So, this week, may you have a retreat! May you survive talking to strangers! And may you catch up with old friends!

XX Barbie


  1. Sarah van Zyl

    Good luck for the Art show!

  2. Laurie

    Praying for HUGEST success, encouragement and inspiration for you from this show Barbie. People need to see your amazing work. Its so important, and stunning! Blessings, Laurie

  3. Janet Whelan

    Beautiful Barbie. Sounds like a fun trip north! All the best with all those curious strangers. May some join our obeisance of admirers! Sending much love


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