#121 Who would like some more ice? Penguin Dive (2 of 20)

one penguin standing on ice in a glass of water with a slice of lemon

Oil on canvas; 75 cm x 60 cm   SOLD

“Who would like some more ice?” Penguin Dive (1 of 20)

Penguins are birds who live in and by the sea and so are immediately impacted by any climate change. These African Penguins (also known as Jackass Penguins – presumably because of the braying noise they make) live on the South Western coast of Namibia and South Africa. They are delightful to watch, they are also endangered.

I was reading an art blog which said that people stop to look for longer at paintings of citrus. Which got me wondering – “Why citrus, apart from the appealing colours?” As I mused, thought about citrus which led to thinking of slices of lemon in a glass with ice. Which got me thinking about ice, and because I am passionate about conservation and wildlife, my mind leapt to polar ice, and polar bears – and the concept for the “Who would like some more ice” series was born.