#123 Who would like some more ice? Penguin Nap (3 of 20)

two penguins standing on ice cubes in a c

Oil on canvas; 75 cm x 60 cm   Available through Quirky Fox Gallery

“Who would like some more ice?” Penguin Nap (3 of 20)

I find all penguins very appealing, and Gentoos are delightful. This pair are having a little snooze, probably before plunging back into the water.

Gentoo Penguins live on Antarctic islands and peninsula. They are classed and near threatened on the IUCN red list of 2007.

I was reading an art blog which said that people stop to look for longer at paintings of citrus. Which got me wondering – “Why citrus, apart from the appealing colours?” As I mused, thought about citrus which led to thinking of slices of lemon in a glass with ice. Which got me thinking about ice, and because I am passionate about conservation and wildlife, my mind leapt to polar ice, and polar bears – and the concept for the “Who would like some more ice” series was born.  When I was musing about shortages of ice, I thought of penguins, coastal birds deeply impacted by any significant changes in the sea.