#25 Rhinoceros hope for survival auctioned to raise funds for Save the Rhino

rhinoceros oil painting of a black rhinoceros with cattle egrets walking on green grass under grey clouds winner of the endangered category in Cameras for Conservation by wildlife artist Barbara Podmore

Rhinoceros – is there hope for their continued survival in the wild?

On a visit to Zimbabwe in the rainy season, driving one afternoon, the sky was an amazing deep blue grey, and yet from the side, the sun was shining in lighting the grass to a vivid green. I took a mental snapshot and knew I would paint it one day.

I wanted the Rhino in that setting, with his attendant cattle egrets, also lit by the amazing light.

This painting was awarded first place in 2014 in the ‘Endangered Species’ category of the ‘Botswana Wildlife Artist of the Year’ held by Cameras for Conservation.

The painting was donated and sold on behalf of Rhino conservation in Botswana.

Oil on canvas; 120 cm x 60 cm Sold